Natchez City Events & Experiences

All your senses will be engaged with your Natchez experience, first settlement on the Mississippi River with now over 300 years of history to enjoy. With its rich past and diversity of attractions and things to do, Natchez, MS is like no other Southern vacation destination. It sports breathtaking views of the Mighty Mississippi, exquisitely kept antebellum homes and churches, beautiful parks, historic walking trails, hand-crafted Southern home cooking, informative tours of the city, vibrant nightlife, and much more for you to discover.

We invite you to enjoy the hidden jewel of the South that is Natchez, Mississippi. History in Natchez is not just something to read about, history lives here. It lives in our traditions, our heritage, the buildings that line our city streets, and our people. We encourage you to experience our history first hand by exploring the stories, structures, scenery, and Southern hospitality in and around Natchez, its impression staying with you long after you’ve departed.

Here are some more great reasons to visit:

Spring begins in March for us! Our trees and bushes start blooming and by April are in their full glory!

March also starts the Spring Pilgrimage. Where loyal visitors flock to the south for tours of our historic homes. Natchez Garden Club welcomes guests for their tours from March 8th through April 28th. Pilgrimage Garden Club welcomes guests for tours March 9th through April 9th.  From grand mansions to quaint cottages there is a home for everyone on these wonderful, history filled, tours.

March is also the month for the Natchez Pow Pow.  We have lots of musical events, live music and entertainment can be found at a multitude of locations around Natchez.

April features the Natchez Festival of Music. This festival highlights the of Speakeasy music from the roaring 20s. A Can’t Miss fun!

April also is home to Junkin on the River! Do you love to hunt for buried treasure? Do you like pickin’ and looking at fine antiques? This weekend is for you! With over 15 miles of pickin’ for your pleasure you will enjoy window shopping or acquiring everything from grandma’s milk glass to 17th century settee!

Don’t miss our Antiques form at the Natchez Convention Center May 3rd – 4th. May is also the month of Magnolias that are traditionally in bloom, a spectacular floral display for sure!

All this and many more events are going on now and through the spring season here in Natchez. So, set some time aside to come stay with us for the weekend and have a most wonderful time! 

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